Aloha International Piano Festival & Competition

Rules and regulations

Rules and Regulations
  • Memorization is not required.
  • Solo works only. Original compositions and improvisations are not allowed.
  • All pieces must be performed in their original form. No cuts or editing are allowed.
  • Repeats indicated in the score are optional.
  • Different pieces may be recorded on different occasions provided the performance has been recorded within 6 months prior to submission.
  • Any recording over the allotted time will not be penalized but will not be judged.
  • Previous first place winners of the Aloha International Piano Competition, Amateur Division are welcome to re-apply.
  • Judges’ comments will not be provided.
  • Judges’ decisions are final.
Video Requirements for Virtual Applicants

Entrants must upload an unedited, high-definition (HD) video of their performance to YouTube.

  • Applicant’s face and hands should be clearly visible.
  • Video must not be edited, nor should any effects such as “reverb” be added.  Any evidence of audio that does not match the performance will result in disqualification.
  • Video recording must have been made within 6 months of submission.
  • Different pieces may be recorded on different occasions/venues, however each work on the video must be a continuous and unedited performance.
  • Clearly label the uploaded file with the applicant’s name and competing level.
  • Your recording must be genuinely performed by you. 
  • Review your recording before uploading to ensure they are of good quality.
  • Please note that submitted recordings do not need to be filmed in a particular setting. Videos filmed in a practice room, a living room, a concert hall, a recording studio, or any other setting may be submitted. 
  • No substitutions of video are allowed once submitted.