Aloha International Piano Festival & Competition

2024 Winners

Winners of the 2024 Aloha International Piano Competition Congratulations!


Level B (ages 9 – 11)

  • First Prize:  Avery Armstrong, age 11, Los Gatos, CA (student of Chia-Lin Yang)
  • Second Place (tie):  Camilla Choi, age 11, Sydney, Australia (student of Luka Okros)
  • Second Place (tie):  Elizabeth Levine, age 11, New York, NY (student of Yukimi Song)
  • Third Place:  Emiri Morijiri, age 10, Ibaraki, Japan (student of Noriko Uenaka) 

Junior (ages 12 – 14)

  • First Prize:  Not awarded 
  • Second Prize (tie):  Milo Miller, age 14, Cambridge, MA (student of Nilly Shilo)
  • Second Prize (tie): Jiajing Liang, age 14, Cupertino, CA (student of Hans Boepple)
  • Third Prize:  Stanley Hyun, age 12, Tenafly, NJ (student of Kayoung An)

High School (ages 15 – 18)

  • First Prize:  Charlotte Giraudeau, age 15, Alberta, Canada (student of Marilyn Engle)
  • Second Prize (tie):  Angelina Cheng Wong, age 16, Burlingame, CA (student of Eleanor Wong)
  • Second Prize (tie):  Nene Muramatsu, age 17, Ibaraki, Japan (student of Noriko Uenaka)
  • Third Prize:  Not awarded
  • Honorable Mention:  Yun-Hsuan Shannon Chiang, age 17, New York, NY (student of Hung-Kuan Chen)
  • Honorable Mention:  Yuriy Rogachev, age 16, Oak Park, IL (student of Sueanne Metz)
  • Honorable Mention:  Rodrigo Landa-Romero, age 18, Mexico City, Mexico (student of Rosa Maria Torner)

Young Artist (ages 19 – 25)

  • First Prize:  Xiaolong Liu, age 24, Eastman School of Music (student of Alan Chow)
  • Second Prize:  Dhammarin Tularatruengnam, age 21, Chulalongkorn University – Bangkok, Thailand (student of Christopher McKiggan)
  • Third Prize:  Chuanyi Xiang, age 25, The Juilliard School (student of Yoheved Kaplinsky and Jerome Lowenthal)
  • Honorable Mention: Changyu Yin, age 23, Royal College of Music – London, UK (student of  Jianing Kong)
  • Honorable Mention:  Zhengyi Huang, age 25, Rice University (student of Jon Kimura Parker)
  • Honorable Mention:  Miika Kida, age 22, Kyoto City University of Arts (student of Makoto Ueno)

Amateur (non-professional pianist age 30+)

  • Second Place:  Sae Kang (Physician), La Crescenta, CA (student of Yungmee Rhee)
Level A (up to age 8)
  • First Place:  David Hayes, age 8, Honolulu, Hawaii (student of Joanna Fan)  
  • Second Place:  Dori Zhou, age 6, Honolulu, Hawaii (student of Ying Liu)
  • Third Place:  Clayton Kuang, age 7, Honolulu, Hawaii (student of Ying Liu) 

Level B (ages 9 – 11)

  • First Prize:  Stephen Xiao, age 10, Honolulu, Hawaii (student of Rosy Wang)
  • Second Place:  Keeley Fan, age 11, Honolulu, Hawaii (student of Joanna Fan)

  • Third Place:  Elise Xiao, age 10, Honolulu, HI (student of Joanna Fan)

Junior (ages 12 – 14)

  • First Prize: Not awarded 
  • Second Prize:  Claire Zhang, age 14, Burlingame, California (student of John McCarthy)
  • Honorable Mention:  Skyla Chua, age 13, Honolulu, Hawaii (student of Rosy Wang) 

High School (ages 15 – 18)

  • First Prize:  Joseph Gallwas, age 16, Elmhurst, IL (student of Jeffrey Panko)
  • Second Prize:  Kenneth Gallwas, age 16, Elmhurst, IL (student of Jeffrey Panko) 
  • Third Prize:  Not awarded 
  • Honorable Mention:  Quang Vo, age 18, Ft. Meyers, Florida (student of Michael Baron)