Aloha International Piano Festival & Competition

About us

About the Aloha International Piano Festival
Founded in 2006 by pianist Lisa Nakamichi, the Aloha International Piano Festival (AIPF) is a non-profit organization committed to educating Hawaii’s students and teachers. AIPF addresses three main needs: the need for music teacher training, the need for low-cost music concerts and music education opportunities, and the need for high-caliber classes and lessons for piano students.

The mission of the AIPF is to promote musical enrichment, innovation and diversity through a nationally-recognized education program, music festival, concerts, teacher enrichment workshops, and competition. AIPF strives to elevate the standards of music education in Hawaii while offering the rare opportunity for Hawaii’s students to be able to study with the most revered concert pianists and teachers from around the world. As a result of volunteer efforts and work to minimize administrative
costs, AIPF has consistently offered programs at low and affordable rates for more than a decade.